VIET THANH PLASTIC COMPANY was established in March 2011. Currently, customers are trusted and many consumers know about VIET THANH PLASTIC.

We specialize in the production of industrial plastic products such as: containers, containers used for chemical and real estate, products containing seafood, vegetables and fruits in agriculture. In addition, we also produce household plastic products for home use such as: tables, chairs, buckets, brass, bucket, basket, trash ......

Specializing in designing and processing plastic molds and manufacturing products according to customers' requirements.

Made in Japan, Taiwan and some other countries. Raw materials for production are 100% raw materials are imported from many countries around the world.

With the motto always satisfy the requirements of customers and always bring customers with "QUALITY PRODUCTS - COMPETITIVE PRICE - QUICK QUALITY". Commit 100% of genuine goods - 100% of products sold at the best price !!!

We always strive to become a plastic company that many consumers in domestic as well as international trust and trust use.